Restaurant L’Epi Dupin

Paris - 2008

Aménagement intérieur
Surface : 60m2
Mission complète
Etudes : 6 mois,
Travaux : 5 semaines

L ‘Epi-Dupin is a small local restaurant established 14 years ago, were habitués and an international clientele come together over the inventive and subtle cuisine of Chef François Pasteau.
To preserve the « parisian » spirit of the place, its typical architectural features such as the half timbered stone walls and beams have been left visible .This gives the space a certain modernity while keeping it in the line with a sens of tradition and the culinary inventiveness on offer.
The main project was to move the bar to the back of the restaurant in order to group the practical areas allowed to free up the reception space on the facade side.This allowed the owner to offer a different, less formal kind of welcome by creating acommunal table as a prolongation of the bar.

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